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The RentPay Solution

With 20 years’ experience in the Australian real estate industry, we understand how much time can be spent managing rental payments. Chasing tenants for outstanding rent, unreconcilable credits to your trust account and cash handling are all areas where you could be doing less.

The RentPay solution outsources payment management at minimal cost to you in time or money, and is compatible with all agent property management systems.

All payment methods are available to manage your tenant payments. With reminder notices and missed payment notifications, combined with our customer care team, RentPay ensures any payment problems are managed efficiently and effectively.

RentPay is also available as a mobile app through the Tenant App, giving your tenants the benefits of mobile access to their RentPay service, and additional reminder notifications so they don’t miss a payment.

Advantages for Agents

To see how tenants can benefit from RentPay, see the tenant tour

  • Cost effective - RentPay is cost effective and frees up valuable admin time, significantly reducing the cost of processing rental transactions.
  • Customisable - RentPay works seamlessly with all major Property Management software providers. You’ll be up and running in no time at all.
  • Speed to market - RentPay offers a secure, browser-based Customer Relationship Management model. Enjoy rapid integration of existing tenant data and efficient deployment of the RentPay service to new and existing tenants.
  • Real time reporting - Support staff can access accurate and real-time rental payment reporting.
  • Convenient - RentPay’s easy phone and internet payment options encourage tenant usage, creating cost benefits and office processing efficiencies.

Technology Integration

RentPay has multiple payment modules to suit agencies of all shapes and sizes. Our three most popular payment services are:

  1. Credit card is one of the most popular ways for tenants to make RentPay payments. (Don’t underestimate credit card rewards points as a motivator!) Credit card payments have the added advantage over direct entry of getting into your trust account sooner.
  2. Direct entry bank account payments are a tried and trusted method for paying rent. At RentPay, we understand the direct entry system extremely well and settle your funds a day earlier than most of our major competitors.
  3. Direct EFT. If your tenant prefers payments through internet banking, RentPay can manage a direct EFT system, making it easy for agents to accept funds. Direct EFT reconciles just as easily as direct entry and credit card and is very similar to BPAY. Speak to our team for further information.

Most of our agents find a combination of these three payment services allows them to manage their whole rent-roll through RentPay, with no need for additional payment services for difficult or picky tenants.

The RentPay product is designed to work with all Property Management Systems, including; REST, Macpro, Console and a host of others. A simple import protocol ensures the system will work with all applications.

This straightforward import process allows RentPay and your PMS to reconcile for you. Unmatched payments are easily tracked too! If you have questions, our helpful agent support team is on hand.

Superior Support

Our agent and tenant support teams are well trained and motivated to assist with all RentPay queries. Whether it’s a simple query about reconciliation or a complex case involving difficult tenants, our support teams are here to help.

The support teams are also available to help your tenants organise their payment schedules, keeping them happy and up-to-date. Our aim is to remove any impediments to rental payments, ensuring payments turn up on time and your tenants call us, instead of you.

RentPay’s agent and tenant support teams are available to take your call from 8:30am to 6:30pm AEST, Monday to Friday.

Our agent team is highly trained and skilled in all facets of real estate property management and Australian payment, banking and clearing systems.

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