Tenant Tour - The freedom of paying rent your way

How does it work?

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Your Real estate Agent gives RentPay authority to collect Rent payments on their behalf. Rentpay collects these funds either via Credit Card payment or Bank account direct debit and transfers the money to the agent once we know the payment was successful.

We supply a report to the Agent that their property management service uses to match up your payment to the property registered in your name.

Because the system is automated, there is less likely to be an error or a dispute. If there is any questions regarding payments, Rentpay’s records will show exactly how much and when payments were made to avoid further confusion.

How can I pay my rent?

RentPay offers 4 different ways for you to pay your rent... pick one that suits you and your lifestyle.

  • AutoPay AutoPay – Set a start date, an amount and your chosen frequency and your rent will automatically be paid for you each time
  • Internet Via the Internet – Simply log into www.rentpay.com.au and make a payment when its suits you
  • Phone Via Phone – Call 1300 668 668 and make a payment through our secure phone payment line
  • Credit Card Credit Card – You can pay via your Credit card either through the RentPay website or set up a Schedule to automatically debit your card.

What does RentPay offer me?

The RentPay solution allows today’s busy and time challenged tenant the flexibility and convenience of paying their rent plus many more fantastic features!

  • Clock 24 hours a day x 7 days a week x 365 days a year payment capability
  • Padlock Secure and Reliable payment technology
  • Envelope Rental reminder emails to help you stay on track
  • Chart Real-Time reporting of your payments
  • Folders Access to your payment history which can double as a credit reference for future rentals
  • Badge Earn Points by Paying with your Credit Card
  • Shield Complete control of your payments and peace of mind

Rewards Club

Be Rewarded for paying your Rent with the RentPay Rewards Club!


The RentPay Rewards Club is an unlimited discount program which is offered to all RentPay Tenants and Property Managers at no addition charge, its just a little something we have done to thankyou for your support.

With over 6,000 businesses involved in the program there is a potential to make fantastic savings on a weekly basis. There are no points to earn, and all the discounts are available to everyone.

The program includes major retailers both state specific and nationally such as Coles, Roger David, Hoyts, Medina Apartments, Pizza Hut, AMF Bowling, Civic Video, Apple Computers, Hoyts, Europcar as well as local retailers in each state.

Can I register now?

Absolutely! You'll be a RentPay Member in no time!


You’ll need to confirm with your real estate Agent that they accept RentPay. If you’re not sure, call them or contact RentPay support on 1300 306 801 or support@rentpay.com.au for further assistance.