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Shopping with RentPay and Paylab

RentPay joins forces with Paylab!

Earning rewards for your everyday spending is a piece of cake!
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Shopping with RentPay and Paylab

For many of us, our weekly rent payments can feel like a heavyweight on our wallets, leaving a noticeable dent. But what if we told you that your everyday spending might just help reduce your rent? Imagine saving with rewards generated from your routine purchases to offset your rent costs.

With Paylab, your normal spending habits become a powerful tool to reduce your rent burden. As a RentPay user, you now have the ability to supercharge your shopping experience by earning rewards at Australia's top retailers, both in-store and online. And better still, you can use those rewards to pay your rent or bolster your RentPay buffer.

So, what is Paylab?

Like RentPay, Paylab is a simple-to-use app. By signing up, you gain instant access to rewards with all the retailers on the platform, which means you’ll save every time you shop at those stores using the Paylab app.

Instead of paying for your shopping with a card or cash, you simply purchase an instant gift card on the Paylab app. Then, you use the gift card to pay for your shopping on the spot, either in-store or online.

How does Paylab work?

How much can I save?

Earn between 3% to 15% on your spending, automatically credited to your Paylab wallet. The magic? It's on the money you already spend weekly at Coles, Bunnings, Woolworths, Uber Eats and many more. Save on your purchases and watch your savings grow!

Show me a real-life example

Let’s say you spend $200 a week at Woolworths using Paylab rewards. That’s a 3% discount, adding a $6 reward to your Paylab wallet. After factoring in a small surcharge from card transactions (in this example, it’s $2 on a $200 purchase), your net benefit is $4. Over a year, that's $208 – cha-ching! And that’s just from one of your many regular shopping outings! Imagine the savings.

What does this mean for RentPay?

Now, here's the cherry on top! In the Paylab app, you have an option to transfer your rewards balance into your RentPay wallet (minimum $5). So, using the example from before… let’s say every 4 weeks you transfer your grocery shop rewards of $16 to RentPay. If your rent is $400 per week, that’s more than half a week’s rent saved – for spending the money you already do on your groceries.

Where can I earn rewards?

With 140+ retailers on the Paylab app, you have shopping options galore! Here are some of our favourites…

More fun ways to use Paylab

You can even buy gift cards for friends and family, earning you rewards. Send a gift card via text message – and no Paylab account needed for the recipient. Imagine giving JB Hi-Fi gift cards for birthdays or Christmas, all while earning a 3% reward!

What about my other rewards?

If you've got Flybuys or other frequent flyer points, no worries! Paylab won't mess with any of that good stuff. In fact, it's like the cherry on top. Paylab just adds extra rewards to your shopping trip, making it even sweeter. Win-win!

Curious about RentPay?

If you want to learn more about how you can earn and use rewards to pay your rent, visit our website.

Or, if you're an agent looking to save time and money while making life better for renters by offering perks like Paylab, check out our agent website, or better yet, book a RentPay demo. You can also speak to our local customer service team on 1300 797 933 - they're ready to answer any of your questions.


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