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Getting Started

What is RentPay?

RentPay is a simple to use digital account that gives you more control, flexibility, and choice in how you pay rent.

Get the peace of mind that your rental payments are made on time, with total flexibility on how you pay.

Never miss a rental payment with built in reminders and notifications. Just set it up once and we'll help make sure your rental payments are made on time – every time.

Plus, RentPay is packed with features to help renters, like the ability to build an emergency fund, improve your financial credit score, access an emergency line of credit, and even get up to $5 a week cashback when you pay your Origin gas and electric bills.

The best part is RentPay works without needing your agent to sign up. We make payments to the agent on your behalf using whatever payment method they asked for, this could be via BPAY/DEFT or Bank Transfer/OSKO.

We make life easier for renters while fitting in perfectly with your Agent.

Do I need to check with my agent to use RentPay?

RentPay works without needing your agent to sign up. We make payments to the agent on your behalf using whatever payment method they asked for, this could be via BPAY/DEFT or Bank Transfer/OSKO.

We make life easier for renters while fitting in perfectly with your Agent.

How do I get help with RentPay?

Need assistance?

Reach out to our support team at 1300 797 933 or email support@RentPay.com.au. We're here to help from 8:30am to 6:30pm AEST.

Is there a fee to use RentPay?

Yes. There are costs for moving funds around, but we've made it simple by bundling them into one monthly fee of $2. (Note if your agent has asked you to use RentPay they might be covering this fee).

This fee will be charged one month after you sign up, giving you a free trial period. However, additional charges may apply if you choose to use a credit card or BPAY

How do I start using RentPay?

Start using RentPay today by downloading our app from the App Store or Google Play, or by accessing the web version on RentPay.com.au. Our app guides you through a simple setup process that only needs to be done once.

What if I don't remember some of my agent’s details?

Ensure hassle free rental payments by double checking your agent's bank details in your lease agreement or contacting them directly before using RentPay.

What if my agent hasn’t heard of RentPay?

That's okay! RentPay transfers funds directly to your agent's bank account and includes your payment reference information, so they can easily track your payments.

Can I use RentPay if I rent through a private landlord?

Currently RentPay is only available to tenants who rent through an agent but we are working to be able to offer it to tenants of private landlords in the future.

I didn’t receive my verification code.

Try the "I forgot my passcode" link on the RentPay app's ‘Enter your passcode’ page. If you still need help, contact our support team at 1300 797 933 or via email at support@RentPay.com.au, from 8:30am to 6:30pm AEST.

Using RentPay

How do I pay my rent?

Your RentPay account stores your funds for when you’re ready to pay rent. When you’re setting up, you’ll be asked how and when you want to deposit funds into your RentPay account, and when you want RentPay to transfer the rent to your agent.

We suggest you set up automated rent payments for a hassle free experience. Simply provide the rent amount and frequency, and we'll handle the rest.

If automated direct debits don’t work for you then you can set your account to manual deposits and use PayID or BPAY to send funds from your bank account to your RentPay account.

Can I keep using RentPay if I move house or change agents?

Yes. To change your address or agent’s details open RentPay and click “Change my schedule” at the bottom of your dashboard. Then click on your existing address and follow the prompts.

Update your address/agent and make any necessary changes to your rent amount and schedule at the same time. Edit your rent amount, payment frequency and payment dates by clicking on the highlighted text.

What do you mean by Deposits?

A 'deposit' in RentPay is how you transfer money into your RentPay account. Automatically depositing funds into your RentPay account is easy. Simply choose the amount and frequency that aligns with your pay cycle.

For example, if your rent is $400 a week but you're paid fortnightly, deposit $800 every 2 weeks, and we'll split it into two $400 payments to cover your rent. This ensures you always have funds for rent and it gets paid on time.

What is a Buffer?

Your RentPay buffer is a way of adding extra funds to your RentPay account every time you make an automatic deposit just in case you hit any bumps in the road. Choose how much you want to add to your automatic deposits and watch your buffer grow over time.

Then if you are ever short we will use the buffer to pay your rent.

You can adjust the buffer settings via the app at any time.

How do I change my Buffer amount?

Open the RentPay app and click the ‘Save with Buffer’ tile and adjust the slider to your desired amount.

What payment types are accepted and what are the costs?

There are many ways to fund your RentPay account:

- Direct debit (included in your monthly fixed transaction fee)
- Visa/MasterCard (0.99% processing fee applies)
- PayID (included in your monthly fixed transaction fee)
- BPAY ($1 per transaction)
- WeChat Pay and Alipay (1.5% processing fee applies)
- UnionPay (2.2% processing fee applies)

How long does it take for the funds to be available in my RentPay account?

To ensure your rent is paid on time, it's best to give 2 business days for funds to reach your RentPay account before the due date.

- Direct debit: 2 business days

- Credit card: Instant up to a max of 30 minutes

- PayID: Instant, but some banks may hold for 24 hours for an initial transaction to a new PayID

- BPAY: 4-6 business hours

- WeChat Pay, Alipay, UnionPay: 2 business days

We'll notify you when your funds arrive into your RentPay account.

How long does it take for the rent payment to be processed?

Automatic rent payments are paid at 9:00am AEST on the date you set as your rent due date, reaching your agent's rental trust on the same day and receipted the following business day.

Manual payments made with the Pay Agent button using funds from your RentPay account, will reach your agent on the same day and be receipted the following business day.

If you select one of the other payment methods you will need to wait for the funds to arrive in your RentPay account before they are available to be paid out.

If your agent requires BPAY as their payment method, it may take one business day for the funds to reach them after we have processed the payment. To avoid delays, consider selecting a rent due date that is 1 or 2 days earlier.

How will I know that the rent was paid if I have set automatic payments?

You will be notified via email and in-app notification on your phone once your rent payment has been successfully transferred to your agent.

The app shows I missed a rent payment. Can I still pay it with the app?

Yes, you can pay missed rent using the RentPay app. Just tap on the Pay Agent button located in the bottom toolbar. If you have sufficient funds in your RentPay account, you can use them to pay your missed rent. Otherwise, select the payment method you'd like to use to complete the transaction.

How will my agent know that I’ve made a payment?

Your agent will know your rent has been paid when they reconcile their trust account, usually the day after your rent due date.

Agents that have signed up to RentPay can view a successful payment instantly via their agent dashboard.

How are payments processed on weekends and public holidays?

Rent payments made on weekends or public holidays will be received on the same day if your agent uses an NPP (New Payment Platform) compatible bank however the agent may not reconcile the payment until the next business day.

Depending on your schedule, this may result in your rent being received by your agent later than usual, but agents are informed of this in advance to avoid any issues.

If you have any worries about the timing of your rent payment, we suggest reaching out to your agent.

You can also adjust your payment schedule to have it paid earlier, if needed.

I was notified my scheduled deposit was unsuccessful. Can I still add funds with the app?

Yes you can. Add funds to your RentPay account by opening the app and clicking on the "Pay In" option in the bottom toolbar. Then choose the payment method you want to use.

If you select a bank account, the funds will be debited during the next direct debit run, which occurs at 12:30am AEST the next business day.

So long as the funds are in your RentPay account before your next scheduled rent payment, your rent will be paid as normal.

To pay a missed payment, or if there's not enough time for funds to clear before your next rent payment, follow the steps outlined above in "The app shows I missed a rent payment. Can I still pay it with the app?"

Can someone else transfer funds into my RentPay account?

Yes, you can send your RentPay PayID or BPAY details with someone to let them deposit funds into your RentPay account.

Your unique PayID can be found by navigating to Settings > Pay in instantly with PayID. You can copy your PayID and share it with whoever will be depositing funds into your RentPay account. PayID transactions are both free and instant.

You can also have others send funds to your account via BPAY by going to Settings > BPAY into your RentPay wallet and sharing your Biller ID and Reference Number. BPAY transactions take 4-6 business hours to process and cost $1 which will be added to your monthly fee.

My agent says they didn’t receive my rent payment

If you think a payment has been taken from your account but not received by your agent, please reach out to us at 1300 797 933. We'll promptly investigate and get it sorted for you.

How do I change my Rent amount or due date?

To change your rent amount or due date, go to your dashboard and click on "Change my Schedule." This will open up your schedule settings where you can easily update the rent amount or due date.

How do I stop or cancel a deposit payment to my RentPay account?

To modify or cancel a payment in your RentPay account, open your RentPay app and select the "Next Deposit" tile. If your payments are set to automatic, you can skip just your next scheduled payment by clicking the "Skip this deposit" button.

To cancel automatic rent deposits, open your RentPay app and turn off the "Automatic deposit" toggle. From then on, you will need to manually make rent deposits into your RentPay account.

How can I change my RentPay automatic deposit day or date?

To change the day of your automatic deposit, open the RentPay app and tap "Change my schedule" at the bottom of your dashboard. This will take you to your schedule settings. Select the day or date that you wish for your funds to be taken from your payment method.

How can I add or change my payment methods?

Need to change or add a new payment method? Go to your schedule settings, select your current payment method and add a new one or choose an alternative from the existing options.

Can I view my rental payment history?

Yes. To view your past rent payments and deposits, open the RentPay app and tap on the "Transaction History" tile on your dashboard.

Can I download my rental payment history?

Not right now. You can, however, access your rental payment history by going to the RentPay app and tapping the "Transaction History" tile on your dashboard.

Can I pay my water bill with RentPay?

Yes you can. Simply open the app and select “Pay Bill” from the bottom toolbar.

To pay your water bill using RentPay, either use available funds in your RentPay account or choose a payment method.

If you select a bank account as your payment method, the funds will be deducted during the next direct debit run at 12:30pm AEST the next business day.

Once the funds land in your RentPay account they will be instantly paid to your agent.

What does ‘pending’ in my available balance mean?

"Pending" means that your payment has been submitted for transfer, but it hasn't been cleared by your bank yet.

How do I turn on/off my app push notifications?

Open the app, go to Settings > Notifications

You can change the App notifications setting, as well as whether to receive all push notifications, or only the really important ones.

How do I change my passcode?

Open the app, go to Settings > Security settings

Select the "Change Passcode" option.

Where can I check the fees I have been charged?

To view fees you've been charged, open the app, and navigate to Settings > View fees and charges. Any fees charged for using RentPay will be listed at the bottom of the page.

Fees are also shown in your transaction list which you can view by clicking Transactions on the dashboard.

Can I withdraw money from my RentPay account?

Yes. You can withdraw money from your account by contacting RentPay support at 1300 797 933 (Mon-Fri, 8:30am-6:30pm AEST). Our team will verify your identity with security questions and assist with your request.

How do I close my account?

To close your RentPay account, open the app, go to Settings > My account > Delete my RentPay account.

Choose either to Pause or Delete your account. Note: Pausing your account will stop all payments to and from your account until it is reactivated.

If you choose to delete your account, it will be immediately put on pause during the 1-2 business day processing period. If there are any pending payments, our Customer Service team will contact you to discuss.

For help, contact RentPay support at 1300 797 933 (Mon-Fri, 8:30am-6:30pm AEST). Our team will verify your identity and assist with your request.

What is Mastercard Click to Pay (CTP)?

Mastercard Click to Pay is a faster way to pay online without entering your details. It features advanced payment technology built on industry standards and intelligent security from Mastercard. Click to Pay offers a fast, password-free and seamless online checkout experience without requiring users to manually enter their credit card details.

And now you can pay your rent on the RentPay App using Mastercard Click to Pay.


What is Scorebuilder?

Scorebuilder is a unique RentPay feature. With Scorebuilder, you may build your credit score and access up to one week's rent through a line of credit. Every month you hold an open Scorebuilder line of credit, even if you don't draw from it, we'll report your account status to Equifax, one of Australia's largest credit reporting bodies.

When you apply for Scorebuilder, in order to comply with regulations, there will be an initial qualification period of 30-90 days prior to the opening of the line of credit and your access to the funds.

To maintain your Scorebuilder eligibility, it's important that you continue using RentPay for your rent payments.

Need to tap into the line of credit? The funds will be deposited into your RentPay wallet and can be paid out. The funds you borrow need to be paid back over four (4) fortnights using direct debit. It's important to ensure you don't miss a payment, as it could negatively affect your credit score.

If you're diligent about paying back what you borrow (or don't borrow anything at all), your credit score may improve.

Scorebuilder is a continuing credit contract provided by One Card Credit Pty Ltd (ABN 14 120 306 676, Australian Credit Licence Number 388941).

What is the qualification period?

Before your Scorebuilder line of credit opens and you can access the funds, a qualification period of 30-90 days is required to comply with our regulatory obligations. To stay eligible for Scorebuilder, ensure you keep using RentPay to make your rent payments.

How do I use Scorebuilder?

Ready to get started? Activate your RentPay account and then apply for Scorebuilder through the RentPay dashboard.

After your application, there's an initial 30-90 day qualification period before your line of credit is opened and you can access the funds.

And don't forget, to keep your eligibility for Scorebuilder, it's important to keep making your rent payments through RentPay.

How much does it cost?

To use Scorebuilder, you'll be charged a one-time $3 application fee, a monthly $1 account fee, and a $4 usage fee for every fortnight when you have an outstanding balance.

The $4 usage fee doesn’t apply if your balance is $0. If you miss a scheduled repayment on your line of credit, a $15 missed payment fee will be charged.

Make sure you review the Scorebuilder *Terms & Conditions* before you get started.

How much can I borrow?

You can access up to one week's rent (with a maximum of $700) through the Scorebuilder line of credit.

If your credit score is low, you may not immediately qualify for the full amount or may not be approved at all.

To improve your chances, ensure your rent and fees are paid on time every time for three (3) months to demonstrate good conduct and your account may be eligible for an upgrade.

How long does it take?

Applying for Scorebuilder is quick and easy through the RentPay app. Before you get access to the funds from your line of credit, there's an initial qualification period of 30-90 days after you've completed your application. This helps us meet our regulatory obligations.

Remember, to stay eligible for Scorebuilder, continue using RentPay to make your rent payments.

Important: If you are experiencing financial hardship and need immediate assistance to make your regular rent payments, the Scorebuilder line of credit is not the right solution for you. We recommend you seek help from your local Tenancy Advice service or contact the National Debt Hotline at 1800 007 007 or via https://ndh.org.au for further assistance.

Can I use Scorebuilder if I can’t afford to pay my rent?

No. Scorebuilder is not designed to cover regular rent payments. It's a feature for RentPay customers who usually have no trouble paying their rent, but may need a short-term, interest-free financing option for unexpected expenses.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and need immediate assistance with your rent payments, we recommend reaching out to your local Tenancy Advice service or contacting the National Debt Hotline at 1800 007 007 or https://ndh.org.au/ for further support.

How much will my score be improved by using Scorebuilder?

Scorebuilder's impact on your credit score will depend on various factors, including other sources of credit outside of RentPay, such as credit cards or loan repayments.

Does Scorebuilder use a credit check in the approval process?

The approval process for Scorebuilder involves a soft credit check, which will not leave a record on your credit report. However, once the line of credit is opened, it will appear as a liability on your credit file with the narration 'One Card Credit (RentPay)'.

Does Scorebuilder leave a record on my credit file?

Yes, having a Scorebuilder line of credit will be reflected on your credit file. You will see a record labelled 'One Card Credit (RentPay)' on your credit report.

What if I miss a payment – will it have a negative impact on my credit score?

If you've withdrawn funds from the Scorebuilder line of credit, a missed or late repayment may appear on your credit report, depending on the repayment delay.

Think you'll miss a repayment? Reach out to us in advance as we may be able to schedule the payment for you. Find out more about how credit scores work here.

What are the repayment options?

If you've used the Scorebuilder line of credit, your repayments will be automatically deducted fortnightly from the account you nominated when you withdrew the funds.

Repayments will start two (2) weeks from when you first draw on your line of credit, and will be confirmed with you in-app when you complete the withdrawal.

Can I change my payments?

If your circumstances unexpectedly change, we recognise that you may need to adjust your repayments. In this case, you can contact One Card Credit on 1300 776 856 or send an email to rentpay@onecardcredit.com.au.

The sooner you let us know, the faster we can find an alternative payment option and help get you back on track.

How do I update my information?

Updating your personal information is a breeze! You can easily make changes to your information by accessing the Settings tab in the RentPay app.


How secure is RentPay?

When your funds are deposited with RentPay, they are treated just like funds in a bank account. Your funds can only be accessed by you, and we have security measures in place to protect your account from unauthorised access.

How secure is my personal information?

We treat your privacy and security very seriously. All of your personal and payment information is stored in a secure database that is housed in a high security data centre. These premises are secure banking environments, so you can be assured that your personal information is protected and safe. RentPay is compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard as further assurance your details are safe and secure. We undergo an annual audit to ensure our security practices remain Best Practice.

International wallets 

What are Alipay, WeChat Pay, and UnionPay?

Alipay and WeChat Pay are digital wallets used to make payments. UnionPay is not a digital wallet. UnionPay is the only issuer authorised to process card payments in the People's Republic of China.

How does it work?

Using either Alipay, WeChat Pay, and UnionPay to pay your rent and utilities is a simple and easy process and RentPay offers a simple and convenient cross-border payment experience. All transactions comply with Australian and Chinese laws and regulations, and officially authorises cross-border payments. This is the ability to pay Australian local bills using RMB effortlessly.

How much does it cost?

A handling fee is charged by each payment method Alipay, WeChat Pay, and UnionPay, which includes cross-border and service fees. Fees vary across the different payment methods, being Alipay, WeChat Pay, and UnionPay. Check in the RentPay app for the various charges.

How long does it take?

Payments made through Alipay, WeChat Pay, and UnionPay, usually takes 2 to 3 business days to clear and reflect in your RentPay wallet.

Will my payments occupy the USD 50,000 exchange limit from S.A.F.E?

No, this is a cross-border transaction and is not recognized as foreign exchange, so it does not occupy the USD 50,000 exchange limit.

I need more information, where can I find out more?

Check out more information on payments made via Alipay, WeChat Pay, and UnionPay on the following website: https://www.chinapayments.com/faq
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