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Earn cashback on your bills.

Get up to $5* back each week when you bill smooth your Origin electricity and gas bills with RentPay.
*T&Cs apply.
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Earn $5 cash into your RentPay wallet each week you're bill smoothing electricity and gas.

What’s great about bill smoothing?

smaller payments
Ahead of Time

Paying smaller weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments towards your electricity and gas bills with Origin, makes it easier to manage your budget and helps to cancel bill stress.

That's Up to $260 for free

Bill smoothing your gas and electricity bill means you get $5 into your RentPay wallet each week, which you can withdraw to use or reduce your rent.

Great Low-rate
eNERGY Plans

Sign up to any Origin electricity or gas plan and you’ll be eligible to get started.

And even Earn a bonus on a bonus

Origin offers even more exclusive bonuses to their customers, from saving up to 12c per litre on fuel to collecting Everyday Rewards points to save on shopping. Sign up today.

One of Australia's
Largest energy providers

We’ve partnered with Origin to provide renters with great electricity and gas offers. Rated ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot, Origin makes it easy to sign up online
in less than 5 minutes.


What is bill smoothing?

Bill smoothing is a type of payment arrangement where you make regular recurring payments towards your next energy bill. This helps reduce the stress of bill shock and by using bill smoothing with RentPay you can get cashback too. Win-win!

What happens if I over (or under) pay?

Have you paid too much through bill smoothing? Don’t stress. Those extra funds will be credited to your Origin account and will appear as a credit on your next bill. Plus, you can adjust your bill smoothing amount through RentPay to compensate. Underpaid? Your Origin bill will reflect any amount outstanding and you can pay using the methods listed on your bill.

Remember, even if you aren’t bill smoothing the full amount of your energy bill, this is a great way to reduce bill shock by reducing your gap to a manageable amount.

I’m already an Origin customer. Can I still use bill smoothing?

Absolutely. If you’re an existing eligible Origin customer, then as long as you have fully paid off your most recent bill you can sign up to bill smoothing and access the cashback offer without making any changes to your current plan. To make sure you are eligible, check out the terms and conditions.

I’m not with Origin. How do I get started?

Visit the Origin website to sign up today. Register for bill smoothing through RentPay to get cashback, even before you’ve received your first bill.

Can I get a better deal if I go direct through Origin?

Bill smoothing is available on most Origin offers, though some exclusions do apply. Check the terms and conditions for more information.

What happens once I sign up?

We’ll modify your current RentPay payment schedule to account for your new bill smoothing amount, and your next direct debit will be adjusted to suit. You’ll receive a cashback amount to your RentPay account after your rent and Origin payment is made.

How often do I need to pay rent?

Bill smoothing is available as a feature whether you pay your rent weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

How do I receive the money?

The cashback will be credited to your RentPay account.

Do I need to connect both gas and electricity to be eligible?

To be eligible for the full $5 cashback each week, you must have both gas and electricity connected through Origin. Otherwise, get $3 cashback for one service connection (e.g., gas only).

How do I adjust my bill smoothing amount?

Adjusting your bill smoothing amount is simple. Once you’ve signed up, you can modify the amount you pay through the RentPay app.

Can I use bill smoothing on a different schedule to my rent?

No. To make life easier, we’ve combined your rent and bill smoothing payments into one. If your RentPay account is set up on an automatic schedule, your bill smoothing payments will be linked to that same schedule (and account) as your rent.

What if I don’t have enough money for both payments on RentPay?

Don’t worry. We will always prioritise paying your rent first. Any leftover funds above the minimum bill smoothing amount and up to your expected bill smoothing amount for your energy bills, will be sent to Origin.

What if I am having difficulty paying my bill smoothing and/or Origin bills?

If you are having difficulties paying your Origin bill, please contact Origin on 13 24 61.

What’s the catch?

No catch! Bill smoothing through RentPay means Origin receives their payments earlier. We can give you cashback because you’re prepaying your bill through bill smoothing.

What's in it for Rent and Origin?

When we harness the power of renting we can deliver real savings back to renters.

Renters get great, low rates, Rent.com.au is paid a referral, and Origin attracts renters, who make up over 31% of households. As Australia’s largest renter site, we see this as a win-win-win.

What if I am already on a payment plan with Origin?

Unfortunately, customers who are already on a payment plan with Orign are not eligible to sign up to bill smoothing to pay their Origin bills through RentPay.

What if I have already received a gift voucher with Rent.com.au to sign up with Origin?

Unfortunately, you cannot take up both offers. Customers who have received a gift voucher from Rent.com.au are ineligible for this offer.

How can I find out more?

We’re here to help. For questions about bill smoothing, call RentPay on 1300 797 933 or email support@rentpay.com.au. Or, for questions about your Origin account, contact Origin on 13 24 61 or use their Live Chat option.
*Terms and conditions apply
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