The easy way
to pay and
collect rent.

Whether you’re an agent or a renter, RentPay gives you hassle-free, automatic management of rental payments, with payment history and trust account reporting.

For Tenants

  • Never miss a rental payment. Just set it up once and we'll make your rental payments for you.

  • Secure payments via bank account, credit card, Australia Post or over the phone.

  • Setup email or SMS alerts so we can remind you before your rent is due.

  • Sharing with others? We can make your rental payments from mulitple bank accounts.

For Agents

  • Upload Payfiles into your property management system for easy reconciliation.

  • Automated follow-up for missed rental payments.

  • No ongoing subscription fees.

  • All rental property listings automatically added to Highlight Plan.

  • Local support team operating between 9am to 7pm EST.