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We take care of your rent while you build your future

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Download the app now
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Pay securely, using your preferred payment method including direct debit, BPAY and credit card.

How does RentPay work?

  • Download the RentPay app or use our web version if you prefer

  • Set up, then sync your weekly rent and pay cycles

  • Kick back while you keep up with ins and outs in real time

Download the RentPay app or use our web version.

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Set up, then sync your rent and pay cycles.

Bring RentPay with you when you next move.

Take control of your rent in just a few minutes.

RentPay is like a digital bank account, just for renters.
Once you're all set up, activate RentPay by depositing your rent into your secure digital wallet.
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Smooth your cash flow, for good.

RentPay cleverly syncs your rent and pay day cycles. Then in-out reminders and confirmations ensure you're always up to speed with your due and received payments.
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Sail through unexpected pay gaps.

To keep your rent on track and on time, RentPay offers a buffer feature that lets you stash a little extra away each week.
RentPay also comes with a safety net, giving you access to a short-term loan to cover your rent if you need it.
*Subject to approval. Fees apply.
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Build your status & your future.

With RentPay, every on-time payment helps to build your credit score. This means that every payment counts towards your future borrowing capacity, be it a car or your own property.
*Fees apply.
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