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Take RentPay with you wherever you go

A quick guide on why and how to stay with RentPay if you'll be moving rental properties or agencies.
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Are you moving to another rental property, or do you have a new property manager? If you’ve been enjoying using RentPay and all its benefits, you can simply take it with you!

It can be such an inconvenience whenever any change happens to your rental arrangements, no matter how big or small. Sometimes, you won’t notice the difference, but other times the situation might force you to completely change how you do things.

Whether you’re moving to another rental property, or your property manager changes, it doesn’t mean that everything you know and love needs to change.

If RentPay has been your preferred go-to platform for paying your rent (plus more!), the good news is that it has the flexibility to move with you and can be used wherever you go – you choose!

Keeping RentPay portable between properties and agencies is just one of the ways we help to make renting easier and ensure your rent money works harder for you.

If you’re planning on moving to a new property, make sure you check out our ultimate moving house checklist!

Why choose to stay with RentPay?

Here are eight reasons why you should stay with RentPay (but there are many more!):

  1. Maintain control of how you pay rent – no need to mess around with a different rental payment arrangement or platform, or adjust your preferred payment timings.
  2. More ways to pay – RentPay offers the largest range of payment options: direct debit, debit card or credit card, BPAY, PayID, bank transfer, Alipay, WeChat Pay and UnionPay.
  3. Pay whenever you want – keep making payments into your RentPay digital wallet when it suits you, while your rent is automatically paid on time for you.
  4. Rental history records – keep access to your rental history without having to ask your ex-property manager to provide a rental ledger.
  5. Hack credit card points – keep earning if you’re using RentPay to earn credit card points for paying your rent, and pay the lowest credit card rates in the market at 0.99%.
  6. Bill smoothing cashback – keep getting up to $5 cashback each week (up to $260 per year) when you bill smooth your Origin electricity and gas bills with RentPay.
  7. Shopping rewards – keep saving between 3% to 15% on the money you spend at over 140+ of Australia’s top retailers through RentPay partner, Paylab.
  8. Scorebuilder – keep building or boosting your credit score with Equifax by paying your rent on time, with the option to access one week’s rent.

How to stay with RentPay

Staying with RentPay is easy, just by entering the new details via your RentPay account.

Instructions to update your property address or landlord/agent details:

  1. Log in to your RentPay account and click on the menu in the top right corner of the app (top left corner of the web app).
  2. Click on ‘Update details’.
  3. Edit the property address details and/or the agent details section.
  4. All set – you’re good to go!

Not with RentPay and experiencing FOMO?

At Rent.com.au, we believe you deserve more perks and privileges for being a good renter, and we're building the technology to do just that.

RentPay is a simple to use digital wallet that gives you more control, flexibility and choice in how you pay rent. We developed RentPay by listening to the 700,000 renters who visit Rent.com.au each month.

So check it out, and see if you like it. It's all part of our mission to enable and empower Australia's renters.

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