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About RentPay


Established in 1999, Rentpay has been a trusted payments provider to the Real Estate Industry for 15 years.

Our focus has always been to provide a convenient and cost effective method for both Tenant and Real Estate Agent to manage rental payments.

Our team has extensive experience in the fields of real estate, banking, software and IT. With this experience we have created solutions for the real estate industry that are structured, effective and useful.



RentPay is one product offered by Paycorp Holdings. Paycorp provides high volume Payment processing solutions to Large corporations and Financial institutions across Australiasia.

If you are a large business with high volume or high value transactions then contact the Paycorp Business solutions team to discuss a custom solution for your specific requirements on 02 9008 6101.

RentPay - A fully integrated, high capacity, secure payment transaction infrastructure that processes residential rent and strata payments for Real Estate Agents, Property Managers and their tenants.

RentPay Gateway - Highly scaleable secure and authenticated transaction engine that processes Credit Card and Debit payments. The platform supports multiple payment options from a variety of devices and applications including: Internet, Phone IVR, WAP, smart cards and call centres.

RentPay E-Form - Intelligent electronic form software has been specifically designed for all sectors of the Real Estate Industry. Intelli form is an end-to-end software solution that streamlines the entire real estate industry form process from beginning to end.