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Your ultimate guide to acing your rental game and building your financial future. Our blog is packed with the latest hacks, tips, and updates to help you succeed
with RentPay - and financial goals
Goal setting for success this new financial year

New (financial) year, new you! We’ve put together a five-step plan to get you back on track to make your new year goals happen.

3 minute read
5 ways to boost your financial credibility with a landlord

So it’s time to look for an apartment, but you don’t have a rental ledger handy. The good news? There are several simple ways to show off your great financial standing without written proof of past rental payments. 

3 minute read
The financial implications of breaking a lease (and how to handle it)

Breaking lease is a tricky decision for any renter. It can also feel pretty daunting, with a few financial implications to consider. Whatever the reason, here are the costs worth considering.

4 minute read
The 30% rule: How much can I afford to spend on rent?

Finding a new place to live isn’t easy, and it can be tough to know what you can afford to rent without cutting off your long-term financial goals.

4 minute read
Should I offer more rent to get the property I want?

Getting a rental property you love can be hard, especially in a tough market. Offering more rent is one way to seal the deal, but it’s worth considering the pros and cons before you jump in.

3 minute read
Rent hacking: Negotiate your way to cheaper rent today

It happens every year. You're on the lookout for a new pad and want to avoid being taken advantage of by overpriced rentals. Thankfully, negotiating your rent can land you hundreds of dollars in savings each year. It's easy to do, and there are a bunch of ways to get started.

4 minute read
Love Afterpay? We do too. But could it affect your chance of buying a house?

Afterpay makes shopping a breeze, but you might be wondering what impact (if any) your habits will have on your credit score. If buying a house is on the cards and you’re thinking about a home loan, here’s what’s up.

3 minute read
Financial freedom: How to get a month ahead of your bills

Ready to kiss financial stress goodbye? Imagine paying bills on time without fear of late fees. Picture a month's worth of paychecks sitting in your account, waiting to be used. Sounds good, right?

5 minute read
Point hacking: How to pay rent with a credit card and earn points

Want to earn points while paying rent with a credit card? RentPay makes it easy with the lowest rate in Australia.

4 minute read
Make your rent money work for you with RentPay

Introducing RentPay, the app we developed that helps Australia's renters get more for their rent money. Here's what you need to know.

3 minute read
3 financial hacks to glow up your rental application

Found a property you love and feel ready to apply? If the market’s hot, competition will be tough, so you need to stand out. Give these tried and tested financial hacks a go to get to the top of the application pile.

4 minute read

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