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Your ultimate guide to acing your rental game and building your financial future. Our blog is packed with the latest hacks, tips, and updates to help you succeed
with RentPay - and financial goals
Buffer up for a ‘rent-free’ Christmas

Imagine taking a week in December off from paying your rent because you planned ahead and all the heavy lifting has already been done by the time Christmas rolls around. Want to know how?

4 minute read
Why it pays to have an emergency fund (and how you can do it)

Life often throws us curve balls when we least expect them, and they almost always seem to involve needing money to pay for related expenses. How prepared are you?

5 minute read
Budgeting secrets for students: Take control of your money

Being a student is an exciting and transformative time in your life. It's also a period where financial responsibility becomes increasingly important.

4 minute read
Getting the most bang for buck from RentPay

Check out the scenarios we’ve mapped out in this article to find out how savvy RentPay users are reaping maximum savings, rewards and benefits.

3 minute read
How to ace your RentPay game

A quick overview of RentPay features and benefits to help you get ahead during your renting journey.

2 minute read
$2 per month to unlock more savings

Transform how you pay rent and make that rent money work harder for you.

3 minute read
Six finance tips every renter needs to know

In a competitive rental market, our tips for keeping your finances in order will make life easier and less stressful.

4 minute read
Take RentPay with you wherever you go

A quick guide on why and how to stay with RentPay if you'll be moving rental properties or agencies.

3 minute read
RentPay joins forces with Paylab!

Earning rewards for your everyday spending is a piece of cake!

3 minute read
Elevating the RentPay experience

Cross-border payments now in a few quick clicks.

3 minute read
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