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RentPay Subscription

$2 per month to unlock more savings

Transform how you pay rent and make that rent money work harder for you.
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RentPay Subscription

We understand the financial stress renters are feeling right now, especially how renting can make it so hard to save and plan for the future. Some renters feel like they’ll never get ahead or be able to afford their own home. That’s why RentPay was created: to transform how you pay rent and make it financially work better for you.

Everyday Australians are feeling the pinch from skyrocketing housing prices and ever-increasing cost of living expenses. People are scaling back on social activities, limiting how many takeaway coffees they have every week, giving up their smashed avocado breakfast, going without, or even taking on multiple jobs and side hustles to make ends meet.

Having a better grasp of how you manage your finances for the things you need to pay is definitely one of the first things you should look at. When it comes to renting, renters typically consider how they can reduce the amount of rent they need to pay by compromising on the property size, condition and/or location.

However, there are other ways to make renting where you want to live work for you – such as improving how you pay your rent.

About RentPay

RentPay is an innovative, simple to use rental payment platform and digital wallet that gives you more control, flexibility and choice in how you pay rent.

It gives you peace of mind that your rent is always paid on time, with total flexibility on how and when you choose to make payments into your digital wallet.

RentPay is also packed with features and benefits to help Aussie renters. These include ways to save more money, build up an emergency buffer, improve their financial credit score, and even access an emergency line of credit.

The best part is that RentPay works without needing your agent to sign up. We make life easier for renters while fitting in perfectly with your property management agency’s requirements.

Alternatively, agencies may ask tenants to sign up to RentPay as their preferred rental payment system.

RentPay subscription pricing

The $2 monthly subscription was priced intentionally low to make it accessible to as many renters as possible – to give renters a fairer go. The $2 simply covers the costs associated with moving renters’ funds, and allows for an unlimited number of direct debits and PayID transactions in a month.

Some providers charge a variable fee on top of direct debits and other payments. Apart from the transaction fee some institutions charge for specific payment methods (e.g. debit/credit cards, BPay and international payment portals), RentPay doesn’t charge you any additional fees for making a rent payment.

Please note, additional charges apply if you choose to use a debit/credit card, BPAY or international payment options, or opt in for RentPay’s credit score feature builder.

The subscription is deducted one month after you sign up, giving you one month’s free trial period.

RentPay subscribers aren’t locked into minimum periods or lock-in contracts.

If your property manager has asked you to use RentPay as their real estate agency’s preferred method for rental payments and you haven’t been charged a $2 monthly fee, then you’re one of the lucky ones where your agency has decided to pay the subscription on your behalf.

Using RentPay to save more money

When you’re already paying more rent than you want to – not to mention the cost of everything keeps going up – you may wonder why the heck would you pay $2 per month to use RentPay?

The features offered exclusively to RentPay users provide opportunities to better manage your rent payments, supercharge credit card points, earn cashback on energy bills, unlock shopping discounts, plus other rewards.

RentPay can help you save on some non-negotiable expenses, the ones that you can’t get away with – such as electricity/gas bills and grocery shopping – by offering cashbacks and discounts to put more money back into your pocket. Then it’s up to you whether you decide to put the extra funds towards your rent, other costs or maybe even a holiday!

Combining one or more of the benefits available to RentPay users essentially offsets (and more!) the $2 monthly subscription. Most of RentPay’s savvy users are easily recouping the subscription cost, with some making the most of the features and benefitting to the tune of hundreds of dollars per year.

Maximise your savings with RentPay

How are RentPay users making the most of the features and reaping maximum savings, rewards and benefits through the platform?

We’ve demonstrated a few example RentPay user scenarios to give you some ideas – feel free to copy or tweak to suit your own personal situation!

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